Legume Powder Inoculant - Cover Crop Seed Inoculant for Legume Seeds - .25 Oz Bag - Powder Rhizobia In

POWDER INOCULANT FOR LEGUME COVER CROPS - Mountain Valley Company powder inoculant for legume and cover crop seeds to boost future harvests, yields, and quality. Legume powder inoculant ensures cover crops develop root nodules in the soil to most efficiently convert nitrogen back into soil. LEGUME INOCULANT FOR PEA, BEAN, FAVA, LENTIL - Mountain Valley Seed Company powder inoculant is a specialized blend of rhizobia bacteria for cover crop seeds and legume seeds such as hairy vetch seeds, lentil seeds, fava bean seeds, broad bean seeds, garden pea seeds, and field pea seeds. BENEFITS OF LEGUME COVER CROP SEEDS - Cover crop seeds are grown year-round to repair soils for future sowing. Legume cover crops seeds convert essential nitrogen back into the soil while providing increased soil tilth to aid weed suppression, root structure, watering, and soil-borne diseases.

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